I strongly recommend Wiggy Dip as a corporate event for any company. I was tremendously pleased with Wiggy Dip and the impeccable service the provided my employees and their families. The entire experience from start to finish was flawless. Sara Wiggershaus was such a pleasure to work with setting up the event. At every turn she was there to make sure that all of our questions were answered and that our event went off problem free. The entire staff of Wiggy Dip is so courteous and professional to work with. We look forward to having another event with Wiggy Dip in the future.
Scot H.
EVP of Operations, Swapalease.com
We LOVE you guys! We wish we could have you here every day!! :)

Suzanne B.
Fortune 500 Accounting Firm
You did a great job. Our employees really enjoyed the ice cream

Luke T.
Thanks again! Everyone just loved the experience.

Brian S.
Lexis Nexis
I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the wonderful break and the ice cream too!!! Your staff was a delight and you can send them over anytime!!! We look forward to some more Wiggy Dip in our future, as well.
April S.
Glenny Glass Company
Thank you! The event was such a success and all of the teachers were so appreciative of your services. Your ice cream parlor on wheels is such a great idea and fun treat! Everyone was raving about it and your independent set up and shut down was so helpful to me during the busy day.
Cara W.
Fortune 500 Accounting Firm
Everything was just WONDERFUL and I know the gang enjoyed your ice cream. Your staff was delightful just as your ice cream. Our management does place high value on us, so we don't mind working hard for they always reward us in some way. Today it was the picnic and your luscious ice cream.
Pam P.
Lexis Nexis
I run the Skyline Chili restaurant in Troy, Ohio. We have a very successful Kids Night every Wednesday. The owners of Wiggy Dip are regular customers of mine so when they told me of their new venture I immediately asked them if they would try it out on our Kids Night. The response was overwhelming! In fact we agreed to continue the gig well into the summer. Every week business grew for them and for me. I must say they certainly know what they are doing. Every I is dotted and every T is crossed. They are very professional in their approach to business. Their service and attention to detail is impeccable. Their facility is bright and sparkling clean. Anyone who is considering Wiggy Dip Ice Cream for their event would not be disappointed. You have my word!
Michael F.
General Manager, Skyline Chili
I had a wonderful experience with Wiggy Dip in the fall of 2010. Wiggy Dip provided my event with a delicious product, a fun and interactive experience and excellent customer service! The Wiggy Dip was a major contributor in my events success. Their presence has helped the event to become one of the most family friendly benefit run/walks in Cincinnati. I have fallen in love with Wiggy Dip and trust them to provide a positive experience for my participants. The Wiggy Dip is truly an expert in their field!
Lisa K.
Senior Marketing Manager, Panera Bread

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